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It's Alive!

So, hey, I'm not dead yet. XD Sorry, I got a promotion at work, plus I've been working two jobs, and it hasn't left a whole lot of time for fic writing. (But I'm getting the hang of it now. So expect more posts.)



Love Mode Update?

Will you update your latest Love Mode fanfiction? It's been a while and I missed your writing in this fandom, especially Jin/Katsuki, however I'll take Naoya & Izumi any time! (especially with a bit of Kiichi-sensei)

Re: Love Mode Update?

I will be working on The Meaning of Home. I feel like I've left so many stories half-finished, and I really want to break that habit. I seem to recall promising certain update times being bad luck when it came to my LM fics. LOL But I will say, I will update before the end of the year, and I'll even aim for more than one update. :)